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Jul 21 2019


Fairytale Fashion created by Diana Eng




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  ---   |  |  |  |  |    Fairytale Fashion is using technology to create a collection of magicalclothing in real life (with blooming flowers, transforming shapes, changingcolors, etc.) for Feb. 2010. We share our work in weekly research anddevelopment web videos. You can help us create the designs by answering thedesign question at the end of each video.  | 10/1 | Introduction  ---|---  10/5 | Biomimetic Deployable Structures  10/12 | Translating Deployable Structures into Fabric  10/19 | Designing with Deployable Structures  10/26 | Inflatables  11/2 | Exploring Electronics at the MIT Media Lab  11/9 | Conductive Materials: Playing with Drawdio  11/16 | LEDs (light emitting diodes)  11/30 | Computer Programming  12/7 | Trends and Statistics  12/14 | Mobius Strip, One-Sided Fashion  2/24 | Fairytale Fashion Show    Is there a topic you would like to see covered in an episode? Please drop us anote and let us know.Episode 12: Fairytale Fashion Show        The Fairytale Fashion Collection was presented on February 24, 2010, atEyebeam Atelier in Chelsea, New York City. Models hit the runway while aquartet of circuit bending DJ's created music from a hacked sewing machine andconductive felt. Seated front row were celebrity scientists, designers, andschool children.        * * *  Episode 11: Mobius Strip, One-Sided Fashion        How do you imagine Mobius strip being used in Fairytale Fashion?        * * *  Episode 10: Trends and Statistics        We want to fairytale fashion collection to be fashionable. What do you predictsome of the trends with be for 2010?        * * *  Episode 9: Computer Programming        What information do you imagine Fairytale Fashion displaying?        * * *  Episode 8: LEDs (light emitting diodes)        How do you imagine LEDs being used in Fairytale Fashion?    Download Sketch        * * *  Episode 7: Conductive Materials: Playing with Drawdio        We are going to embroider a dress with conductive thread so that it is touchsensitive. What do you imagine happening when the dress is touched and aclosed circuit is made?  (please answer below in comments)    For more information:  MITERS  Drawdio    Public comments:  Ms. Arum's class:    * * *  Episode 6: Exploring Electronics at the MIT Media Lab        What is the most interesting electronic project or product that you've seen?Please copy and paste a link into the comments.        * * *  Episode 5: Inflatables        How do you imagine inflatables being used in Fairytale Fashion?        * * *  Episode 4: Designing with Deployable Structures        Has seeing some of the designs changed how you think about deployablestructures in fashion?        * * *  Episode 3: Translating Deployable Structures into Fabric        Think about runway clothes and accessories. Which details would be really neatas deployable structure        * * *  Episode 2: Biomimetic Deployable Structures        How do you imagine Fairytale Fashion using miura-ori structures?        * * *  Episode 1: Fairytale Fashion Introduction              |